Hello Sushi Menu – Hello Sushi Delivery & Take Out

  • Cali Roll 4.50

    Sliced cucumber, avocado, smelt roe and crab stick

  • Paradise Roll 12.00

    Coconut shrimp and avocado topped with fresh mango

  • Hello Sushi Roll 12.00

    Escolar, green onions, spicy Sriracha sauce and salmon, topped with pineapples and tobiko.

  • Lunar Roll 5.50

    Tender cooked scallops and avocado.

  • Salmon Roll 4.50

    Salmon with an outer layer of seaweed

  • Tuna Roll 5.00

    Fresh tuna in a delicate seaweed wrap

  • Johnny Roll 9.50

    Crawfish, spicy shrimp, and crab stick wrapped in seaweed, deep-fried in a traditional tempura batter and topped with wasabi mayo.

  • GoGo Roll 7.50

    Fresh tuna, salmon, snow crab, and avocado topped with wasabi tobiko.

  • Rock N Roll 8.50

    Tempura shrimp, snow crab, smelt roe, sliced cucumber, and avocado wrapped in a thin soy paper and topped with a rich eel sauce.

  • Baked Salmon Roll 9.00

    Avocado and snow crab wrapped in delicious baked salmon and topped with eel sauce.

  • Crunchy Roll 5.50

    Tender snow crab and fried tempura crunchies.

  • Ninja Roll 10.00

    Cucumber wrap surrounding an assortment of fresh fish, snow crab, and avocado in a peppery wasabi sauce.

  • Sumo Roll 9.00

    Cucumber, avocado, crab stick, tamago, snow crab and avocado in a peppery wasabi sauce.

  • Snow Crab Roll 5.00

    Lush snow crab and asparagus.

  • Godzilla Roll 11.50

    Barbeque eel, cucumber, smelt roe, green onions and a special spicy sauce topped with sliced avocado and eel sauce.

  • Blue Crab Roll 7.00

    Louisiana blue crap, cucumber, and avocado topped with smelt roe

  • The Big Apple Roll 4.50

    Sliced apple, cucumber, and crabk stick

  • Samurai Roll 12.00

    Cali roll with tuna, salmon, and fresh white fish on top.

  • Veggie Roll 4.50

    Cucumber and avocado with seaweed salad and Japanese pickles.

  • Spider Roll 10.00

    Tempura fried softshell crab, cucumber, avocado, smelt roe, and snow crab wrapped with seaweed and topped with eel sauce.

  • Evangeline Roll 14.00

    Pecan crusted shrimp with avocado topped with a scallop mousse and wasabi tobiko

  • Philly Roll 5.50

    Smoked salmon, avocado, and Philadelphia cream cheese

  • Honor Roll 12.00

    Tempura eel, cream cheese, and asparagus dressed in sliced peaches and eel sauce.

  • Yellowtaiil Roll 5.50

    Rich yellowtail wrapped in fresh seaweed

  • Salmon Skin Roll 4.50

    Smoked salmon skin, smelt roe, sliced cucumber, and green onions

  • Stop, Drop, and Roll 5.00

    Spicy shrimp and asparagus

  • BBQ Roll 5.00

    Zesty barbeque yellowtail, sliced cucumber, and avocado encased in smelt roe and topped with eel sauce

  • Angry Charlie Roll 6.00

    Spicy tuna and sliced cucumber

  • Spicy Salmon Roll 6.00

    Spicy salmon and cucumber

  • Bon Temps Roll 13.00

    Snow crab, cream cheese and green onions topped with cajun-seared tuna and spicy chili sauce

  • Bomb Roll 12.50

    Spicy salmon and cucumber topped off with snow crab, tempura crumbs, masago, green onions, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

  • Naruto Roll 12.50

    Choice snow crab or crab stick and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber. Topped with a creamy wasabi sauce. Contains masago.

  • Orleans Roll 5.50

    Spicy crawfish and asparagus.

  • Sushi Box 14.00

    Choice of fish layered with snow crab, avocado, and sushi rice. Presented in box-style fashion.