The Best Games 2 and 4-Player Co-Op Couch Local Offline

Switch: the best games 2 and 4 players coop couch local offline, because yes, even if the trend is to online games, don’t hide it, Nintendo is the number one multiplayer game with family and friends, there are few consoles that can boast of having so many titles coop couch local offline. I want to unveil a selection of the best games I’ve played on Switch, but also, I want your opinion to let me know new ones so that I can keep this list up to date.

Mario Kart 8

You know him very well, you enjoyed him, adored him, and especially hated him when you get a shell in front of the finish line ! he has a taste of coming back ! with no mistakes, you can throw yourself at it with your eyes closed, the best multiplayer racing game of all time !

Diablo 3 Eternal

Here we are on ” the ” Hack and slash, pure and hard, the timeless Diablo which is on all consoles of the thousands of players it over and over again to break records or just to farm the best equipment for its beloved personal game hours are at RDV lifetime for the fans of the genre is unlimited !

Smash Bross Ultimate

We’re here to fight between friends and family we settle our accounts, how not to like to eject your friends from part of it, to put your head full of it, but in the universe of Nintendo, and it’s absolutely fun, the blows are relatively easy, because they are identical for all the characters, so we only liked to choose the one we prefer and test its blows on the others .

Super Bomberman R

We are on a must have how to explain this, imagine running into a small space with friends who want to trap you with their bombs, but you also drop your bombs while running, but what happens, A placed bomb in front of you, you are stuck between his and your… revenge is a dish best served cold, it replays!

Overcooked and Overcooked 2

Boss, Yes Boss ! do you know the show or do you have to team up to serve the customers? Well, here’s a game that’s gonna knock your guts out because the pressure’s so high, and the worst part is that your friends can even make a few crashes to increase the pressure, I love the concept, but you have to like the challenge sabotaged!

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Switch

There are the platform games where we help the hero like Mario Odyssey, and there are the games where everyone has their character; it’s very fun, a game that is a bit harder than the Mario or Kirby but it’s beautiful with two players. It’s a lovely adventure that I advise you to take.


Now I can only advise you there is a coop mode that makes us fall, so we are amazed. Very easy to play you have to plan the movements to intercept. I’m not going to spoil you; you have to try it because it’s a must-have.

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