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The best free games on PC in 2019

Looking for the best free games for PC? It is quite possible to spend pleasant moments of entertainment with games that do not cost a penny and that are easily found on Steam or elsewhere. We have selected for you the best free games to try in 2019. Free PC games cover a variety of categories. Whether you’re a fan of multiplayer online games, adventure, war, and strategy, you’re sure to find several titles that suit your preferences. We have selected 8 of the best free games to try on your Windows computer. This list contains both classic games and more recent titles that will assure you hours and hours of escape.

  1. Fortnite: Battle Royale

Do we have to present it again? Fortnite’s Battle Royale extension has become a real phenomenon in recent months, which has been exported to all platforms, including Android and iOS smartphones. Versions that complement those on PC and consoles. The principle is simple: you are dropped on a card with 99 other players. The last surviving national winner.

Neither more nor less the principle of the Battle Royale. But Epic Games was able to make the game unique by bringing unique touches. If you’ve never played there and would like to take your first steps, check out our tips and tricks to discuss on Fortnite.

  1. The Apex of Legends

It’s the new phenomenon of 2019. Based on the same principle as Fortnite, Apex Legends confirms its commitment to Battle Royale games. Released in early February 2019 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4, it took only a few days to attract 10 million players. This is a much more impressive start than Fortnite, but also PUBG. Apex Legends is a free to play game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respown studio.

  1. League of Legends

A true classic that has been played for nearly a decade, but that remains unmissable in 2019. League of Legends is a free online MOBA game. Two groups of five players compete with each other to destroy the enemy base while protecting his own. Various game modes enrich LoL over the years, contributing to making it timeless.

  1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is another example of a classic game that is the very expression of what is possible when an industry titan commits its resources to the development of a great free multiplayer game. Dota 2 continues to be a must-see for the MOBA genre that brings together millions of players on Steam. It is also a sporting phenomenon that involves significant amounts of money each year, like League of Legends. Here too, the goal is to form a team and face an opposing group to destroy its base.

  1. World of Tanks / Warships / Warplanes

The three free games are inseparable since coming from the same Belarusian Publisher Wargaming. Everyone will be able to choose their game according to their inclination. Fan of the tank games? Take control of one of these machines in World of Tanks and face your enemies. If you rather have a soft spot for Warships, World of Warships guarantees a challenging experience. Finally, if you are thinking about flying a fighter aircraft instead, make the World of Warplanes option. All three games are free-to-play available on PC (Windows 10, Steam).

Playing chess online

Do you like chess and want to compete with other players? Here is a list of the best sites to play online chess in 2019 against thousands of players of all levels ELO. You will be able to compete with beginners, amateurs, high-level players, ranked or not. Whether you prefer to face an artificial intelligence (AI) or a real player, all levels are at your disposal.

If you’re looking to play chess beyond the board game, visit chess websites or download chess apps. Websites and apps give you the ability to play chess anywhere. Ask your friends to sign up and play against each other, or fight against the artificial intelligence of online software.

    1. – Play online with more than 15 million members passionate about chess. is the first community of players in the world and offers powerful training tools and learning videos.
    2. – Play online chess for free via your browser against other real users and virtual opponents. The site is available in three different languages, offers courses, a chat room, and regular tournaments.
    3. – A great site to play chess against other players with Game archives, broadcast tournaments and the ability to watch live games. You can perform live or correspondence. An Android app is available for mobile players.
    4. – Live or by mail, Chesstempo offers several solutions for chess players. It is possible to play with a guest account without registration or to join the site free of charge for more play options.
    5. – Play with your friends or face other top-level, chess players. Online game free via your browser without any additional software to download or install. Free registration. A very site to play chess online.